Our esteemed clients, It’s end of the year 2018, it is with a sense of satisfaction that we can look back on a year that has in many respects been challenging, but positive.

The country is faced with plans to diversify the economy from an oil mono-economy couple with the insecurity in several parts of the country and the forthcoming general election. Despite the challenges, we were able to meet our set goal of repositioning the company. I will like to share our strategies for the coming year 2019 and tell you about our performance for the year 2018 We had great improvement in earnings judging by the increase in print jobs for the upcoming election and expansion in our customer base. Over eight years of operating in a sector such as ours that is constantly and rapidly evolving is an achievement that I am particularly proud of – we have consistently upheld our strong values of delivering high-quality service, timely at an affordable cost.

All these achievements come against the backdrop of a very challenging year, which saw a competitive trading environment continue to keep the pressure on rates, followed by fluctuation in the price of consumables. As part of the expansion plan, we secured property and purchased additional machines to make Printbest Kaduna bigger. With our greatest asset (Staff) and in-depth expertise, we have achieved a strong position in the printing industry and maintain our vision to be the preferred choice of every enterprise or individual with printing needs.

As part of our contributions to the society, we graded four internal roads at Igbo Eesa area Offa. On Youth empowerment, we continue to impart skills on our apprentices and trained industrial trainees from different higher institutions. Our support to Sport through Printbest Football Club was evident in the team’s new jersey and participation in football competitions. In community development, we contributed to the construction of the new Mobile Police Squadron Base Offa. In the coming year, we hope to contribute more to the development of society.

In conclusion, there is still plenty to be achieved and I see next year lined up with many successes and great achievements I would like to thank our esteemed customers for their patronage and trust in us, we will not relent in delivering quality print jobs and to all of our employees, interns and apprentices for their dedicated and skilled efforts in the year, please allow me to extend my personal and genuine appreciation for each and every one you for your valuable contributions to this company. Working with you this past year has been a pleasure and we’re proud to have you all with us. Thank you! I wish all of you and your families a prosperous New Year 2019!

Musbau Olalekan Olaniyi Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer Printbest Limited

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